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Course Overview:
This termly forum is designed to ensure that teachers across EYFS, KS1 and KS2 are kept informed of the latest initiatives and understand best practice. Each session will include a training focus as well as an open forum for discussion.

Course Content:

  • An update of key publications, research and guidance from the DfE, OFSTED or other relevant Art and DT experts.
  • Exploration into assessment techniques that can be used across key stages.
  • Innovative ideas and practical skill teaching advice, to support staff CPD.
  • A chance to share best practice in teaching and leading, and how to drip-feed more creativity into a tightly scheduled school week.

About Nicola Gallagher:
Nicola Gallagher is an Art, Design and Technology subject leader, with a BA Honours degree in fine art and design and an MA in film and TV.  She has 15 years of teaching experience in various Bromley primary schools, delivers teacher training for the Bromley Collegiate, SKITT and NQT programmes, runs construction challenges, and has spoken at conferences on the subject of KS2/3 transition. As a practicing artist herself, she is passionate about inspiring the arts in education and encouraging a better balance of gender in design, engineering and technology careers.

Course Details

Nicola Gallagher

TBC for 2024-25

Warren Road Primary School, Warren Road, Orpington, Kent, BR6 6JF

Course Cost:
£200.00 for 3 sessions

Course Takeaway

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