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Phonics Foundation

Course Overview:
This course is perfect for beginners or those that need a refresher. Session 1 provides an insight into the core knowledge and strategies that can be applied to any scheme.

Course Content:

  • What sounds need to be taught
  • Sound manipulation
  • Segmenting and blending
  • Active phonics
  • Phonics games
  • Applying to reading and writing
  • Code, word, phrase, sentence and text level progression
  • Phonics planning
  • Reading schemes
  • Phonics assessment
  • Golden nuggets
  • Action planning
  • Putting it into practice
  • Question and answer session

About Carolyn Williams:
Carolyn is Head of Year 3 at Warren Road Primary School and has led Spelling and Phonics whilst teaching for a number of years in Key Stage 1. Walk into her classroom and you will see her love of developing vocabulary and how she instils this in even the youngest of children. She also has a passion for empowering TAs to reflect on their own practice through thought-provoking training, based on a coaching approach.

Course Details

Carolyn Williams

23 Mar 22 | 09:30 – 12:00

Warren Road Primary School, Warren Road, Orpington, Kent, BR6 6JF

Course Cost:
£100 per session

Course Takeaway

Download a PDF version of this course overview to take with you.