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Science Courses

Our Science courses are in partnership with the Primary Science Learning Partnership.

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Science Courses – All Day:

21/09/2022. Early Literacy in Science and understanding the world.

05/10/2022. Developing Science Subject Leaders.

16/11/2022. Developing Pupil Led Investigations.

13/01/2023. Assessment and progression.

25/01/2023. Powerful Connections between Literacy and Science.

08/03/2023. STEM- Linking Core Subjects.

22/03/2023. Developing Pupil Choice and Independence.

16/05/2023. Working Scientifically Outside the Classroom.

These can be booked directly through the National STEM offering by emailing them on the following address:

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Tamara Fletcher

Warren Road Primary School, Warren Road, Orpington, Kent, BR6 6JF

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